Participant information

Please fill in one registration form per participant.

If the participant has already attended MMC in the past, please use the participant's membership number (the pupil's number, not the bill payer's number) below. You can find this number on your most recent invoice, or contact us on to confirm your membership number. Only new participants should tick the box to recieve a new membership number.



If 'under-18' is ticked, you will need to add details of a bill-payer/guardian below.


(tick this in order to register a participant as an additional family member of an existing member; you will enter the bill-payer's details below)

Contact details

Please supply contact details for a guardian / bill payer (required if the participant is under 18). We will use this as emergency contact information.

If the bill payer already has an MMC membership, ENTER THE MEMBERSHIP NUMBER OF THE BILL PAYER in the first box. You can find this number on your most recent invoice, or if necessary, please contact us on to determine your membership number.



Course Registration


Policies and Consent

Data and Privacy

The information supplied in this registration form will be stored by MMC according to our Data Protection and Privacy Policies.

Additionally, for the purposes of the online course, we will share your contact details with the Group Administrator of the group registered for (which may be different from the Group Tutor) so that they can communicate with the participant/bill payer regarding the course sessions.

We will also add the bill-payer's email to our mailing list used to send out important announcements regarding MMC dates and events. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time, or opt out below.


Online Learning Agreement

All our tutors are DBS checked and follow Macclesfield Music Centre’s Safeguarding Policy, and have agreed to the Online Learning Agreement. Please confirm that you have read and agree to this document also.


Photo and Video

Participating in the online courses requires live video interactions between tutors and participants. Please be aware of this. From time to time MMC may record parts of our events by using photographs and videos of rehearsals and performances, including these online courses. These help us promote our activities. If you are happy for MMC to use recordings in this way, please confirm this below.



In order to access the online courses we ask that participants pay a registration fee. The bill payer should arrange a bank transfer of the relevant fee (see below). Note that if you wish to register multiple family members, or for multiple core courses, you will need to fill in a separate registration form for each participant / core course. If you are unsure what you should pay - please contact us on

Send your payment to:

Please use the reference number we will show you on the next page - it consists of the participant's and the bill-payer's membership numbers.

If you wish to enquire about accessing our bursary scheme to support your registration fee please email

Gift Aid

Tax claimed by the charity

The charity can reclaim up to 25p of tax on every £1 you give. However, we cannot claim gift aid on the ‘tuition’ element of your subscription. The ‘tuition’ percentage varies from group to group between 75% and 10% and is agreed upon by the Business Committee and Trustees for gift aid claim purposes.Please tick the box below if you are happy for MMC to claim this benefit, and to confirm that you are a UK taxpayer and understand that if you pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in one tax year it is your responsibility to pay any difference.

If you pay Income Tax at the higher rate - click here for further information

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